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Performance "THE REPETITION"


A strolling company tries to put on stage a Classical Comedy: Amphitryon of Plautus. But nothing works. The theater is not found. The actors do not come. It is a ‘variété’ of the last century. A comedy of errors of two centuries ago. Or is it a story of more than two thousand years ago? In any case, the question is always the same: what is true? What is false? The genres are mixed: comedy or spy story? Sentimental drama or musical? Farce or tragedy? Melodrama or storytelling? Who loves Alcmene? Who still believes in theater? A performance that questions our present, the theatre life, our societies, our boundaries, that mixes the stories, the languages, the desires.



Fabio Tolledi - Astràgali Teatro


International cast from Italy, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, Israel, Turkey:

Lenia Gadaleta

Peter Gaydarov

Aude Lorrillard

Laura Lutard

Vita Malahova

Prodromos Mezopoulos

Roberta Quarta

Raphael Rodan

Simonetta Rotundo

Onur Uysal

Vangelios Zapantiotis